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The Institute of Canadian Education is an umbrella group consisting of ICE Robotics as well as ICE India. At this exciting time in the field of education, The Institute of Canadian Education’s sole purpose is to provide students with relevant, individualized, flexible and engaging educational experiences. At ICE, we take pride in the knowledge that we are offering education. Our staff and experts in the field of education provide the highest standards of support to our students while preparing them for their future ahead. Our teachers work collaboratively to support our learners in finding new and innovative ways to pursue their passions.

ICE Robotics offers a variety of programs in the field of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), such as after-school programs, weekend programs, PA/PD programs, and summer/ winter/ March break camp programs. However, the course content of all the programs remain the same but the weekly number of workshops or workshop lengths may vary to ensure the best learning experience. We offer 25+ STEM-based courses from age group starting 5 years and up. Every individual in each course gets hands-on experience with all the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-based topics. They build, test and program autonomous robots/ circuits. Take home worksheets and an exam at the end of the course are the measures of student’s evaluation. In addition, we also offer all subjects tutoring service from grade 6 to 12.

Institute of Canadian education is also a private high school offering credit courses for high school students who wish to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Our institute, which is open six days a week is committed to high academic standards, promotes life-long learning, and allows students to reach their full potential. Due to our small class size as well as the individual attention the student is able to reap the benefits of an inclusive workspace while working with our professional and qualified teachers. High school students completing grade 10 this year can register for ‘reach ahead’ grade 11 credit courses to reduce their academic load. Students who failed the course(s) or are behind in some courses can register in July and August to recover those credits. We endeavor to enroll students who have demonstrated academic achievement, possess a positive attitude toward schooling, and whose parents seek a well-rounded, rigorous education for their child. We look for candidates who will benefit from our educational programs and who will contribute positively to the school community.

Here at ICE, we emphasize effective communication between the students and our teachers, we believe that it is an important factor in the success of the student as well as the institutions. As a learning organization that is always working improving, we are always updating our eLearning platform as well as looking into small insights and details to progress our services as well provide education through a more independent manner.

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