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Get quality stem education at ICE:

The ICE Robotics is committed to offering quality stem education in the field of robotics. The huge network of trainers and consultants provides their support to budding engineers and students who are willing to learn the concepts of robotics and advanced controlling via the latest embedded systems technologies. Our Institute focuses on bringing robotics into everyday activities. Our Vision is to see every student succeed and become future innovators and get actively involved in subjects from science to humanities, scientific inquiries, and technical know-how.

According to research, children have a far better chance of fully understanding and remembering what they have learned when they are allowed to use multiple senses during the learning process, as well as are given the opportunities to explore, tinker, be challenged, and share their knowledge.    Keeping this goal in mind, we have designed various camp programs thus enabling our new generation to succeed. Together, we can support and inspire our young minds to be active, motivated, and collaborative learners.



What ICE Robotics offer?

We offer courses that cover core curriculum areas of CS-S.T.E.A.M. (Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering Art & Math) in a way that makes the whole learning experience far more adventurous. Thus, we offer 25+ STEM-based courses from the age group starting 5 years and above. For these courses, we arrange various programs such as after-school programs, weekend programs, PA/PD programs, and summer/ winter/ March break camp programs. However, the course content of all the programs remains the same but the weekly number of workshops or workshop lengths may vary to ensure the best learning experience.  The course contents are designed that empowers all students to build their own understanding of challenging subjects, encouraging them to make their own creations.

We welcome you all to the World of SMART LEARNING!