We are committed

To offering quality stem education in the field of robotics and our huge network of trainers and teachers provide support to budding engineers and students who are willing to learn the concepts of robotics and advanced controlling via the latest embedded systems technologies

ICE Robotics

ICE Robotics, a Not-For-Profit Corporation, offers STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs for ages 5 and above both on-site and off-campus. We believe that an early introduction to STEM with our innovative hands-on courses will allow students to approach similar concepts in the classroom with a more enriched perspective. As students progress they are stimulated to make real world connections and explore endless possibilities in the world of STEM!

Our vast network of professional and experienced teachers provides support to students engaged in learning robotics, controlling and other advanced concepts via the latest technologies. 

Students at ICE work with various LEGO® education technology, Vernier sensors, Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers; VEX robotics, 3D printers, drones and much more! Our courses are based on models which are utilized to teach students key concepts through an enjoyable and collaborative learning environment. Though these tools, students are inspired and motivated to apply their learning in new contexts and embark on a self-directed learning process.

According to research, children have a far better chance of fully understanding and remembering what they have learned when they are allowed to use multiple senses during the learning process, as well as are given the opportunities to explore, tinker, be challenged, and share their knowledge.  Keeping this goal in mind, we have designed various camp programs thus enabling our new generation to succeed. Together, we can support and inspire our young minds to be active, motivated, and collaborative learners.


Our Mission

At ICE we aspire to “brighten tomorrow’s future” as we prepare students to build their 21 century skills through teamwork, creativity and critical thinking and create real world connections.


Our Vision

We hope to see every student succeed and become future innovators and get actively involved in subjects from science to humanities, scientific inquiries, and technical know-hows.



is a passionate and innovative engineer with working experience in Robotics and Arduino hardware & software. With years of experience in robotics and mechatronics, he always leads his sessions with enthusiasm and engages all his students in various manners.


graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. He is dedicated to offering academic help to new students in the field of STEM. He has developed a variety of effective assessment material in programming and robotics that aim to enhance each students’ learning experience.


is a dedicated and goal-driven educator with 6 years of progressive experience in teaching Computer Science, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics. He teaches students how to implement various techniques such as neural networks, genetic algorithms and machine learning.


In highschool I was part of the robotics team. We went on to participate in a vex IQ skill challenge and although we didn't come in first it opened my eyes to the world of robotics. Since then I've taken on multiple side projects from different robotic programs and have been slowly mastering them all. At the institute I can work with many kids and help build up their interest for robotics as well as work with the robotics kits I love so much. It's like I landed my dream job.