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TERA ICE (5 - 8 Years Old)

Highlight the LEGO WeDo program that we have which is LEGO’s education program where it covers many different applications of robotics. An example would be sensors where the children would build a robot that would roll around until the sensor detects something and will stop.


PETA ICE (8 - 14 Years Old)

Talk about LEGO Mindstorms EV3 program which is more complicated as it is for older children and would have more complicated programming. The students will be able to build and program an entire robot that would be able to do a multitude of things in its various forms. An example would be the gripper form, which can move around and grab things and lift them.


EXA ICE (14 Years Old & Up)

In this age group, the robotics is centered on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Students will learn how to create circuits, controlling sensors, controlling lights, and many other things through building the circuits and programming the sensors and lights.