Educational Robotics – 5 Reasons why they are beneficial

More and more schools are adding educational robotics to their curriculum, as it brings multiple benefits to students, that not only impact academically but also on a personal and emotional level.

What is ‘Educational Robotics’?

The educational robotics for children and adolescents is the set of teachings, methodologies, materials, and sets for creating, programming, and coding robots; designed with instructional objectives to develop in students from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) focused skills to soft skills.

Robotics for every age range

Although children are capable of acquiring all kinds of technological skills from an early age, there are different tools specifically designed to exploit the abilities of each age.

For children, acquiring knowledge through play and creating their own robot is much more dynamic, simple, and entertaining, and directly influences their interest in the other subjects of the traditional study plans.

In addition, in an experiential way, they reinforce countless socio-emotional skills, which are decisive for their integral development and will give them great advantages in their personal and professional future.

1. Skills development

Among the main benefits of robotics is the development of aptitudes called 21st-century skills, which refer to technological knowledge such as programming and computational thinking; in addition to soft skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, among many others.

2. Self Confidence

Another benefit of teaching through robotics is that students build self-confidence. Classes are designed to promote teamwork and for students to take an active role in their educational process, rather than just waiting for the teachers to respond. Under this methodology, it is common for children to make mistakes, although through the correct guidance of the teacher they return to the path and try again until they succeed. Through this process, they learn to handle the frustration caused by making mistakes and by finding the answers for themselves they develop and reinforce their confidence.

3. Training for the future

Through robotics, different practical knowledge about technology, assembly, engineering, gears, movement, programming, and code, among many others, are acquired; fundamental learning for the societies of today and those of the future. Proof of the above is the fact that careers related to programming, artificial intelligence, and Big Data such as biotechnology or environmental engineering are among the professions with the greatest demand and projection of any current industry. Digital skills have become as indispensable as speaking English and even knowing how to read and write.

4. Comprehensive training

Beyond training the next developers, programmers, or engineers, one of the primary objectives of educational robotics is that each of the students develops the ability to integrate knowledge from different disciplines to solve the same problem. That is to say, that they do not view school subjects as foreign issues to each other or to their daily life, and understand that absolutely all knowledge can be used in one way or another in their daily activities and not only in school.

5. Benefits for educational centers

Regarding schools, the teaching of robotics means enormous competitive advantages, whether they integrate workshops extracurricular or add this educational technology to their regular curriculum; which represents an enormous attraction for parents and students of the XXI century, who seek an innovative education that effectively prepares them for the challenges of the future. Equipping schools with the best robotics sets for children and young people can be an economic and adaptive challenge; however, with a personalized plan according to the specific needs of each school and with the support of the appropriate materials and training, the task will be much easier.

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