ICE Intermediate (Ages 9-14)

PETA ICE is a perfect platform for continuing learners from the previous level (TERA ICE) of any learners from age 9 and plus. PETA ICE courses covers intermediate concepts of STEM education and is connected to the Ontario Ministry of Education standards from grade 3 and plus. Therefore, all the in class training as well as the supporting study material like worksheets are designed with reference from Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum to help students lead in their study environment.

As learners progress through PETA ICE levels. They learn college/ university level of STEM concepts including Android app development, C++, ARDUINO, Raspberry PI, Visual basic and so on. And now they are not only ahead of their school studies, but knowledgeable enough to compete with college/ university beginners and can start contributing towards making world smarter.

Your kids ever wondered how automatically doors were open while entering subway stations or malls.And have asked you why their drones don’t run into walls? how are the games, software and android applications used around the world for different purposes are built? how can they build robots and program them to achieve certain tasks? Come check us out!! We got all those answers and perfectly organized curriculum to provide learners with completely hands-on practice.


Level 1LEGO Mindstoms EV3
Level 2LEGO Mindstroms Mechanical
Level 3LEGO Mindstroms EV3- Vernier Sensors
Level 4VEX-IQ
Level 5Android App Development
Level 6VEX EDR