Our TERA ICE programs are designed for children between the ages of 5 to 8. Integrating STEM based programs at an early age allows children to develop their critical thinking, problem solving, and analytic skills, amongst many others. It teaches them skills that they can use throughout their life and prepares them for their future. It also opens up more opportunities for them as they gain more hands-on experience.

Although some may think that integrating STEM based education into the daily or weekly curriculum of early learners can be too difficult for them, it should be noted that they are perfectly adapted to learn STEM concepts. At ICE Robotics, we believe that the process of explaining such concepts should be as simple and fun as possible, which is exactly what our instructors aim to do.

TERA ICE has brought the perfect platform for early learners. Here, students are not just playing with toys but also learning the mechanics behind the how these toys are built, how do they make certain sounds, display images, move and so on. Such as every real life science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics related concepts. From a very basic one (i.e. building a house or car) to complex ones like pneumatic systems, renewable energy projects, animations, electronic circuits, machines mechanics and so on.



Level 1LEGO WeDo
Level 2LEGO WeDo Advanced 2.0
Level 3Simple Machines
Level 4Simple and Powered Machines
Level 5Renewable Energy
Level 6LEGO Pneumatics
Level 7Scratch Animation
Level 8Little Bits
Level 9Dash and Dot Robots
Level 10Ozobot